Bergema suara takbir di angkasa….

Selamat hari raya ! Hope that you had successfully enjoyed your first day of syawal. Jangan ingat puasa, bangun qiyamm jer susah. Nak bersyukur tu pun susah jugak! This year my brother and I managed to go to both my dad's and mum's side on his motorcycle. Best part of the day is when I… Continue reading Bergema suara takbir di angkasa….

Ramadan Youth Challenge 2012

I finally have the time to write this entry. Just a week ago, close to 200 youths were at Alkaff mosque going through Ramadan Youth Challenge 2012 camp. All of us were going through the same camp through different eyes and different lenses. As for me, I was there in the eyes of the programmer… Continue reading Ramadan Youth Challenge 2012