Don’t know if you’ve heard but I am now running a very successful restaurant business. It has only one thing on the menu but trust me, it is more than enough. Taste one time, want to come back again! Best of all.. IT’S FREE. Unfortunately, it’s only for one costumer. A small tiny one. He is a very loyal costumer. He doesn’t mind eating the same thing everyday. And he orders food through a language that only has one word.. Which is..


Muhd Falahuddin Bin Muhd Farhan. You are my favourite and only costumer (for now).

Husband and I have observed a pattern with our son. When I am around. He is always wide awake… Sometimes he sleeps for only 10 minutes, then he will wake up and look for me (food). But if there are visitors around, they carry him… he will sleep and not wake up until they go home.Could be 2-3 hours. Then when I hold him, he wakes up.. I was trying to figure out why this keeps happening.

Then I realise.. It must be because I smell of milk!!  I mean, imagine if you are soundly asleep in the bed… Then your dad comes home bringing 50 pieces of satay. And the smell of the hot meat comes wafting in your room. You would wake up too, right? My mum says when I enter a room Falah’s eyes will follow me in. I think to the normal eyes they see Raudah.. But in Falah’s eyes.. Ayam Pangang just entered bebeh!

*smacks lips*

It’s been slightly over 3 weeks. I’m hoping my maternity leave will go by very slowly and I get to enjoy quality time with my family. I have a list of places and things to do after confinement. Just wait! Outside world I’m coming soon.

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