Hindustan with the husband

I know I don’t look it, with my small eyes and all, but I am actually half-indian. My mother’s side in Indian. My dad’s side is Arab. But I can’t speak both languages, so I consider myself Malay. Hidup Melayu! Okay so anyway, even though I am a Minah , I still have some minachi blood in me. Sometimes when I hear upbeat song uh, my body macam feel want to break out into a dance. Especially banghra music. Wah, my shoulders will move by itself one you know…

So anyway, imagine my shock when hubby told me he has not watched Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham! WHAAAATTT! I’ve watched that movie so many times, I remember all the dance steps and dialogues. So I did what any half-indian wife would do, I forced him to watch with me. Let me just conclude that…

I. will. not. watch. hindustan. movies. with. my. husband. again.

During the part where Rohan went to meet Rahul for the first time after 10 years… He was not bothered with how sad it was but ask me  “why is there wind in their hair? where did it come from?”


During the song Suraj Hua Madham, he went “They were in India just now. How come now they are in Egypt?”


Well he has a point there but… thats why Hindustan movies are so niceeeeeeeeeeeee..

During the part where Kajol ran forward after her son’s performance, he went “Wahh she is so drama.. Like you ah.”

Thats why its called drama-mama, see.

He did enjoy the movie though. it’s a good movie! with good lessons, about parents.

I look at Falah now and it’s hard to imagine him ever disappointing me. This cute innocent face.. I mean, I’ve done so much for him for the past 4 months , endured so much pain, sacrificed my sleep, give him so much love.. Surely he would not disappoint me in the future right..? But I know that it’s impossible. He will make me angry, and when it does it will hurt me.. I don’t know how parents deal with that. Adolescent years and all that. I think I was a difficult one, myself. But we’ll figure it out.. May I be a good mum and may my son be a good soon.






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